What To Look For InThe Best Luxury Air Mattress

best luxury air mattress

A good air mattress is the ultimate requirement that you should have with you during your camping trip. Basically, a good camping air mattress is made up of various materials such as plastic or rubber and the fact that it is inflatable makes it very portable and convenient to carry around with you throughout the hike. Most air mattresses are versatile and can be used to serve different purposes. You can use your air mattress to float when swimming; you can use it as a comfortable bed at night, or even when you need to accommodate additional guests inside your house. Air mattresses come in different sizes, like a king air mattress, queen sized, double sized, full sized and single.


Air mattresses can be easily moved and transported, which makes them particularly ideal for all camping trips. They can be deflated and folded up, so you can conveniently carry them along whenever you go camping. Once deflated, carrying them becomes even easier because they lose most of their weight. Another advantage of using air mattresses for camping is that you can inflate them in a matter of minutes, especially if you are using a pump.


Typically, air mattresses are made of nylon, PVC or rubber. Both PVC and rubber have elastic characteristics, so the mattresses made of these materials are durable, long-lasting, and resistant to punctures. The sleeping surface will usually have a layer of foam within them, while the more expensive ones even have a memory foam layer.


Some these mattresses have an attached pump, but a pump can also be purchased separately. Operating a manual pump can be almost as exhausting as blowing air into a mattress. Electric pumps inflate the mattress automatically. However, if you intend to use the mattress outdoors, it is better to buy a battery operated electric pump, or one you can plug into your car cigarette lighter since you will not likely find any electrical outlets while camping.

Things to Consider When Buying

For Indoor or Outdoor Use:

Do you plan to use your air mattress at home or while camping? If you frequently have overnight guests, air mattresses make an excellent cost-effective, space-saving choice for an extra bed. If you plan to use your mattress outdoors, you should look for one that is more durable and rugged that can withstand wear and tear. Some are recommended exclusively for indoor use.


They are available in three common sizes, queen, double, and twin size. King size is also available but takes up quite of bit of space in your tent. If you will be using it outdoors, such as while camping, then make sure the mattress you choose will fit comfortably inside your tent. When selecting an air mattress, also keep in mind how many people will be sleeping on it.


You will not need too much space to store an air mattress. When storing it after a camping trip, it should be allowed to fully dry before you pack it away, so that mildew does not form.

At one time air mattresses used to be very costly. However, today they are far more affordable, and relatively cheaper than the average coil spring mattresses. They are available in a variety of types, such as the ones mentioned, and from many different brands. Aside from their advanced and unique features, sleeping on air mattresses is comfortable and healthy too.

If you enjoy the great outdoors, whether it be camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting or even pitching a tent in the backyard with your kids, then you’ll want to select the right air mattress for your adventure! Remember, a good night’s rest will make your daytime excursion much more enjoyable.